Jeff Gostick

Professor, University of Waterloo

Keynote Lecture: Pore Network Modeling of Multiphysics Transport in Porous Electrodes

Henryk Anglart

Professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Keynote Lecture: CFD Modelling of Two-Phase Annular Flow with Disturbance Waves and Dryout

Jinjiia Wei
Professor, Xi’an Jiaotong University
Keynote Lecture: Effects of Electric Field on Pool Boiling Heat Transfer over Microstructured Surfaces under Different Liquid Subcoolings

Yury F. Maydanik
Senior Researcher, Institute of Thermal Physics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Keynote Lecture: Loop Heat Pipes – Development, Research and Application

Zuankai Wang
Professor, City University of Hong Kong

Keynote Lecture: Complete Suppression of Classical Leidenfrost Effect

Xuehu Ma
Professor, Dalian University of Technology
Keynote Lecture: Fast Spreading and Transport of Thin Liquid Film on V-shaped Superhydrophilic Surfaces

Hiroyuki Kumano
Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University

Keynote Lecture: Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Phase Change Slurries

Isaac Perez-Raya
Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology
Keynote Lecture: A Comprehensive View of Relevant Advances in Modeling of Multiphase Flows with Heat and Mass Transfer

Kazuhiro Ishii
Professor, Yokohama National University
Keynote Lecture: An Introduction to Rotating Detonation Engines
Gota Kikugawa 
Associate Professor, Tohoku University
Keynote Lecture: Multiscale Modeling for Thermomechanical Properties of Crosslinked Polymers: from Quantum Chemistry to Mesoscale Simulation

Kosaku Kurata
Associate Professor, Kyushu University
Keynote Lecture: Water Transport Through the Cell Membrane After Electroporation
Hiroaki Matsumoto
Professor, Yokohama National University
Keynote Lecture: Monte Carlo Simulation of Thermal Creep Flow in A Knudsen Pump

Rong Chen
Professor, Chongqing University
Keynote Lecture: Droplet Evaporation and Interfacial Phenomena Caused by Localized Photothermal Effect
Kun Luo
Professor, Zhejiang University
Keynote Lecture: Direct Moment Closure Model for Turbulent Combustion

Masataka Mochizuki
President, The Heat Pipes
Keynote Lecture: A Technical Review and Update Technology of Thinner Heat Pipe and Vapor Chamber for Cooling 5G Smartphone
Hidetoshi Ohkubo
Visiting Professor, Waseda University
Keynote Lecture: Enhancement of Boiling Heat Transfer by Surface Coating Layer

Tomio Okawa
Professor, University of Electro-Communications

Keynote Lecture: On Splashing During Drop Impact onto A Quiescent Liquid Film

Günter Brenn
Professor, Graz University of Technology
Keynote Lecture: Self-Similarity of Pressure-Atomized Sprays with Heat and Mass Transfer

Weigang Ma
Associate Professor, Tsinghua University
Keynote Lecture: Characterization and Control of Micro/Nanoscale Thermal Transport and Thermoelectric Properties
Yohei Sato
Scientist, Paul Scherrer Institute
Keynote Lecture: DNS of Micro-layer Formation in Nucleate Pool Boiling

Xiaoliang Zhang
Associate Professor, Dalian University of Technology

Keynote Lecture: Pressure Tuning of Thermal/Thermoelectric Transport Properties

Atsuki Komiya
Professor, Tohoku University

Keynote Lecture: Control of Protein Mass Transfer Using a Membrane with Patterned Pores

Boris Kosoy
Professor, Odessa National University of Technology

Keynote Lecture: Microscale Transport Phenomena in Renewable Energy Systems

Shohji Tsushima
Professor, Osaka University

Keynote Lecture: Design and Control of Transport Phenomena in Electrochemical Systems for Power Source Applications

Tatiana Morosuk
Professor, Technische Universität Berlin

Keynote Lecture: Solid-Liquid Phase Change: Energy Storage for Refrigeration Application

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